Zai’s 1st Beach Experience

Last Saturday we finally have a chance to bring Zai for his first “beach” experience. I mean, we have been to beaches before, but Zai was too young to understand, so this should really be considered the first time he is at a real beach. Look at the sea waters and real waves.

My SIL slept over at our place on Friday, so we decide last minute that we will go to ECP on Saturday for breakfast and a short play at the beach. It was a fulfilling KFC breakfast and we move on to the beach.

The weather was good, there was sun coming down. My boy finally get to wear his sunglasses.

Men in White

Initially we stayed at the higher part, which is shaded and let the todds play with sand.

Playing with Sand

Then we got bolder… we decide to bring them down to the sea. Especially we think Zai will like it since he love the water. True enough he was giggling all the way, enjoying himself to the max! Wanted to post up a video of Zai playing in the sea, and realize that I can’t unless I first upload to youtube… *nah* its on my fb anyway…


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