Zai Reading in July

Here is the lists:

Again, I wasn’t able to excite him much with the books. I thought he would love to read the Mother goose rhymes, but somehow he prefers something that he is familiar with rather then these “new” books. But I just continue reading them to him even though he doesn’t appear to be listening. Cause sometimes he might just stop and take a peek at the book but return almost immediately to what he was trying to do.

Nowadays, he even stop reading his own books. He will take out the book box, empty the books, but didn’t read them. I don’t know how to interest him back into the books already. He seems too young to go for actual stories, otherwise I would like to read him stories before he goes to bed. But I think that has gotta wait.

Anyway, the latest library books that I borrowed I left it in the car. So that when we travel in the day, we can read it together. So far he has “played” with the books. Flipped it, but didn’t give me a chance to read in detail to him. But i think that is better then having nothing. And it keeps him entertained on the road. But I only wonder if it will be bad for his eye sight since the car is moving…


2 thoughts on “Zai Reading in July

  1. Someone told me kids like repetitive stuff. Maybe that is why. I remember when I was little, I always watch the same episode of 楚留香 over and over again.

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