Swimming before the Lunar 7 Month

I think we were quite bless in that Zai have a love for water… He loves bathing since young and is not afraid of water. Which is why, we brought him to a real swimming pool to swim since he was 1 month old. Our initial thoughts was to bring him to those baby spa, but after deliberating the costs, and that at that time, we have a neck float borrowed from someone, there really isn’t a need to go to those expensive baby spa. Besides, Chubby’s work place have 2 swimming pools which is hardly use, and he is also the member of CSC. Which means, we don’t have to squeeze with others at the public pool. So on and off we will try to bring Zai to the swimming pool for a swim.

And we did just that last Saturday. This time, we brought him to CSC Bt Batok to swim. Together with my SILs, nieces and cousin-in-law. They had a great time. Chubby even carried him and took a slide down into the pool. I heard Zai was giggling away when he reached the bottom. Too bad I was actually up at the top and wasn’t down there to see.

It was a good date that day, cause the sun wasn’t really that hot in the morning and it was just one day before the Lunar 7 month. Which means, Zai won’t get to go swimming for a month. So we are glad that he enjoyed himself. 🙂


In the mean time of the month, I think we need to get a float for Zai. As you can see in the photos, he is currently wearing a yellow float that attaches to his body. We thought that is a good design, but apparently its too big for him and he isn’t able to balance properly in the float. Chubby and I were thinking of buying a normal round float or a hand float for him. We have yet to come to a conclusion which is better…



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