Sugar Rush

How much sugar is there is a mouthful of Coke? The answer is alot!

That day we went down Ikea to buy a new “cabinet” for our TV console (cause, Zai has been climbing up our low console and posing a danger to himself) so we had dinner there… My MIL had already given Zai his dinner before we meet up at Ikea, so it was just the adults having the dinner… In between I fed some fries and nuggets to him to keep him “entertained”… anyway he was eyeing my Coke throughout the dinner… So after leaving a mouthful in the cup, I let him have the rest… That was around 8pm… and Zai normal sleeping hour is 9pm…

And guess what? I think the sugar in the Coke was so high that he got a sugar rush! When we were shopping around Ikea, he was so hyper… He climbed into a shelf of a cabinet and hid inside… and refuse to let us carry him… preferring to run around… even when we waited for our self-collection package, he was running and playing around at the children area… and the time is already 10pm…

This post is to remind myself not to give him any “sugar” after 7pm…


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