Zai’s Vocab

Zai is “talking” more nowadays… So I feel the need to write down some of his first words…

Family Members

  • Ba Ba / Daddy – Yah, he can actually say Daddy! Which I think is an achievement cos its 2 syllabus word.
  • Maa Maa – Thats my MIL
  • Ye Ye – My FIL
  • Po Po – My Mum
  • Ma – Thats for my elder SIL.. Actually should be Gu-Ma, but somehow only the “Ma” came out
  • Gu Gu – My Younger SIL
  • Kiu Kiu – My Bro, its Jiu Jiu in Hakka
  • Jie Jie – My SIL daughters, his two cousin
  • Mei Mei – He thinks he is going to get a Mei Mei
Yup if you notice, I’m missing from the list!!! He has not properly called me before.. Sometimes you will hear him say “Ma” but it refer mostly to my MIL… and he doesn’t know how to say “Mi”… *sadz* And he has problem saying “Gong Gong” also… Haven’t heard him call my sis “Yi Yi” also….
  • Duck
  • Dog
  • Nose
  • No More – Surprising he doesn’t say “No” but understands “No More”
  • Na Na – Actually should be Banana
  • Ple – Should be Apple
  • Bao Bao – Ask to be carried
  • Mum Mum – Food
  • 不要 – That day he was sprouting this… not sure if he really understand it
  • Bite – When my MIL helped him apply Aloe Vera, he will point to his arm and say Jie Jie bite. Cause I think one of his cousin bite him the other day on his arm.
  • Book Book
  • Baa Baa – From Baa Baa Black Sheep
  • Bag Bag – We bought him a bag to let him carry and feel responsible for his stuff. That’s how he got to know the world.
  • Bear Bear – For Teddy Bear
  • Ball Ball
  • 怕怕 – when he sees pictures of Dogs or Cats he will say his scared and will use his hand and tap his chest *cute!*
I think that’s all for the moment.. I guess I have to start teaching him to speak more Chinese also…

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