Failure to Manage Customer

Sometimes keitsu really wonder if she is “cut-out” to be a PM of sort… This is what happen that day…

That day after work, a customer called me and requested my guy to go on site the next day to fix certain things… I tried telling the customer that we should wait for all the machines to be available before we go down so as to increase efficiency… However, I was unable to convince him as he feels the pressure from the user.. As such I have no choice but to inform my colleague to go down… I told my colleague I will speak with our PM the next day to see how to manage such request in the future…

The next day at work, before I have a chance to brief my PM, my PM told me that he does not agree to this kind of last minute “call-up” and has told my colleague not to go down and support… Truly speaking, I was taken aback that my PM knew what was going on. I later learned that my colleague actually called him the night before requesting him to manage the customer…. And so he did…

I look back at the incident and I asked myself… why was I unable to convince my customer and that I didn’t manage them properly… I look back and find that after all these years, I have not improved in this area… Last time back at A, I also failed to manage the customers alot of times.. as a result, changes to our software keep coming in or ridiculous request were non-stop….

I’m really disappointed with myself… I wonder how good a PM will I be… Can I really manage my customers? Or maybe I should just remain as a TM…


2 thoughts on “Failure to Manage Customer

  1. I totally understand this problem. Sometimes in order to pacify a client, I will try to give him extra help/freebies, especially when my team fails to meet his expectations. Although I have support from my boss, but the team may feel I am not standing firm on my grounds with client.
    It is quite difficult to obtain the balance…. so I do understand your problem.
    But that does not mean you are not cut out to be PM, you just need sometime to adjust to how your boss do things. Cos ultimately you only need to please him.
    Don’t worry, my boss always say you are cut out to be a PM and you have good EQ, which is what a PM needs to have. Because a PM is quite a shitty job, you have to answer to client, have to be scolded by engineers. Always sandwiched in the middle. But I believe you can manage.

    1. Thanks!

      Actually its not so much of how my boss do things that I’m upset with or what.. its just after so many years, I still fail to learn from him how to manage the customer such that I’m able to “push” away the job… I think I didn’t stood my ground enough.. I wish I have the skills of my PM…

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