Zai @ 16 Months

My boy has progress again… The first fruit that he can say is Nana! That is “banana” (his favorite fruit for now) and he knows the Chinese is call 香蕉… We were at my mum’s place one day and he was being very naughty and running around… my mum had a hard time looking after him… so she told him lets go eat 香蕉… he immediately run to the table and pointed the banana and said “NaNa”… and he can repeatedly say it when we point out banana to him.. now its trying to help him say the “ba” to his “nana”…

Okie, now the milestone chart for his 16th Month

Mastered Skills

  • Turns the pages of a book
    He is able to to this.. He loves turning the pages of books when I read to him. But sometimes he will get frustrated when he is unable to do it properly… but so far the pages he tried are all the broad books which have hard pages.. I dunno if that is easier or more difficult.
  • Has temper tantrums when frustrated
    *Sighz* this is the most torturing part.. He now throws a tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants.. He can bang his head on the floor or just simply struggle and lie on the floor and cry when we stop him from doing what he wants.. which most of the time is some dangerous act… Chubby and I are trying to ignore him whenever he goes into such tantrums, but Chubby’s mum will tend to go pacify him as she doesn’t like him crying… actually it pains my heart to see him cry like that too… but I guess its a part and parcel of teaching him to grow up… I need to be more heartless before he becomes a spoil brat…
  • Becomes attached to a soft toy or other object
    Hmm… luckily he doesn’t… which I hope is a good thing cause it means one less thing for him to throw a tantrum… But I’m not sure that means he is more heartless?

Emerging Skills

  • Discovers joy of climbing
    Oh he loves to climb and I think since a few months back… Maybe he is a boy that is why.. Cause I don’t see that happening much to my nieces.. He likes to climb onto chair.. and want us to carry him to the window and when he is there, he will try to climb the grills (super dangerous).. he will also step into his book box or wardrobe just so he is higher or reach for objects that are higher… *sigh* my dangerous boy…
  • Stacks three bricks
    He doesn’t really like stacking yet… He has a set of stacking cups but he doesn’t really stack them up… prefer to take them apart more… I have seen him trying to stack is Mega Blocks, but two at the most I think…
  • Learns the correct way to use common objects
    Yup, he knows how to hold the phone to his ears and pretend to make phone call… and he loves to switch on and off the TV (is that considered?)

Advanced Skills

  • Takes off one piece of clothing by himself
    Hmm… not really he still needs help to pull down his shorts to a certain height before he knows how to pull it down further… but most time he is not bothered with undressing… he just can’t wait to get to the water and play…
  • Gets fussy about food
    Yup… my mother-in-law has been complaining that he is eating less… sometimes he will just eat two mouthful of his porridge and doesn’t want to eat more.. but if you give him things he like like fish or pork floss he is able to eat them… and he loves fruits… His favorite is of course banana… and he has a liking for apples, pears and watermelon too… and he just tried honeydew yesterday.. and i think he likes it as well… oh and durian of course…
  • Switches from two daytime sleeps to one
    He still sleeps about twice in the day time but we realize that his morning nap is getting shorter.. He only sleeps about an hour or less in the morning as compared to two hours previously.. this means more energy needed to take care of him…

Taking care of him is commanding more patience and energy… now he has our full attention.. I wonder how it will be like when we have two… am I able to handle them both?


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