Zai Reading in June

Oh my… I realise I haven’t been updating about the books Zai have been reading for the past few months!

Although these are the books I borrowed for him from the library, he didn’t manage to read through most of them.. Nowadays he have developed less patience for stories, prefer rather to look at his familiar flash cards or his nursery rhymes… I tried to borrow new rhymes for him this month, but he still prefers his own set…

Of the books above, the Baby First Farm animal book is the only one that he read the most… He would look at the cover and say “duck”… But I’m not sure if he really recognizes the duck, cause when I show him other pictures of “duck” he doesn’t say it… hmmm…

Anyway I need to persevere on reading to Zai… both to continue his interest in reading and also as a form of bonding… Sometimes I wish Zai can progress faster, so I can start reading real stories to him… but well, it all takes time.. I hope he will develop an interest in reading just like his dad and me… 🙂


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