What Next?

Yesterday Chubby was telling me about how we will be so caught up with our kids life for the next 15 years, that when they have a life of their own, we will be quite lost as to what to do.. and end up we might be breathing down our kids neck on what to do and what not to do…

Well, this sets me thinking… now my life is revolving around my boy… I spend most of my free time “looking after” him.. His at a stage where he “runs” around and starts playing around with all the dangerous stuff… So I can’t help but “look after” him… this takes up so much of my time and energy that I sometimes wish he can grow up faster, so that I can leave him to do his things while I have my free time to do my own things… (although I think I will miss the stage he is at now.. especially when he doesn’t want my company anymore)

but I look back and I realize that I haven’t got much to do also… I mean I stopped doing lots of things after having my boy… I stopped reading, play lesser games, watched lesser TV, surf lesser net, etc… I think I need to get my life back before my boy turns around and find me naggy…

but how? where’s my time and energy?


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