The Friendly Boy

This morning “Morning Express” was talking about “classifying” people. FD admits that there is “class” in Singapore and he himself is guilty of it. Well, I have to agree with him… Cause I also “classify” people. I mean, I would tend to avoid certain people.. Not that I look down on them, but rather they just give you a “dangerous” feeling.

However, my boy is different. In his world, there is no “dangerous” people. He can just stop and wave to anybody. From the foreign worker sweeping the floor at the void deck, to the grannies sitting in the park and even the lone uncles who sits in the park and drinks… and so far all the people will just smile and wave back at him…

its so nice to be a kid… everything is so simple and you can just bring a simple smile to someone face… I hope he continues this “friendliness” of his… not like his mum, who is born a tau-kia…. 😛



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