Zai @ 15 Months

I’m lagging so far behind… Zai is coming to 16 Months already, and here I am trying to update his 15th month progress… 😛

Mastered Skills

  • Plays with ball
    I think he does play with the ball. He likes to throw things. But as to actually bounce a ball and catch it, he is still unable to do it.
  • Vocabulary increases up to five words
    Well, he can now call “Ma Ma”, “Pa Pa”, “Jie Jie”, “Mei Mei” quite accurately. And he knows how to say “book” when he wants me to read to him… I have heard him say “Duck” but I’m not sure if he really knows it or not, cos I borrowed a book with “Duck” as the cover, he will pick the book but when you show him other pictures of duck, he doesn’t seem to recognize it.
  • Walks backward
    Well, have not seen him do this before. So not sure if he really knows how to do it.

Emerging Skills

  • Can draw a line
    We inherited a magnetic doodle board from one of Chubby’s cousin. Sometimes Zai will doodle on it. But its just some random “lines”. But it isn’t really a very horizontal or vertical.. I will just say its scribbling.
  • Runs Well
    Nah… Don’t really think he can “run” yet. He is able to move quite fast, but will tend to fall down when he gets all excited.
  • Adopts “no” as his favourite word
    Well, he doesn’t really say “no” yet. But he will just refuse to do some of the things when told to. He would just throw a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. *sighz*

Advanced Skills

  • Walks up stairs
    He knows how to do it, as in he needs to lift his legs up higher and all. But is unable to it on his own. When we hold his hands he will be able to do it but very wobbly. And he is very anxious. Instead of taking one step and let the other leg join that step, he will take one step with each leg. Which obviously his short legs won’t be able to do it. But when his at home, and there are those steps from the living room to the kitchen, he will be able to take those steps pretty much on his own.
  • “Helps” around the house
    Well, we will ask him to help bring his own bottle to the sink. Sometime he will be able to do it. But sometimes he will get distracted halfway and goes off to play with whatever that distracts him. He also knows where to put his dirty clothes after we took them off for his bath.
  • Puts his fingers to his mouth and says “shhh”
    Never see him do that before.. and he is the noisy one…

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