Last Day

Nope, not mine… Yesterday was the last day for a (would I consider close?) colleague of mine.

Well, she was my first colleague in my current company. I was attached out to client side then, and she was my partner in the project. My first impression of her wasn’t good. Cause I feel she was quite “rude” when the BD introduced me to her… I was quite sad then to know that my colleague is going to be like that.. but after I get to know her, I realize she is an okie person.. she just doesn’t like the BD which is why she was “rude”… and so she is someone who shows her feelings freely on her face…

We spend the next 5 years together in the same project… so much so that when people sees me, they will ask me about her or sometimes even call us wrongly… she has her temper but I was able to work along with it, until last November… I didn’t know what went wrong, but she was just angry with me over certain things… initially I tried to talk to her and tried to get things over.. but I gave up after a few days.. maybe I was just tired… or I thought she would get out of it… but she didn’t… so we didn’t end our “relationship” on a happy note…

it was sad that such a thing have to happen to us… but whichever, I hope all the best for her in the future…


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