Zai @ 14 Months

Mastered Skills

  • Finger Feeds
    Well he can do that for sometime already… when we give him his biscuits he will be able to put them into his mouth… Nowadays when there are rice grains just outside his mouth, he will attempt to push them into his mouth using his hands… but he also developed the habit to dig into his mouth to take out food… *sighz* headache, dunno where did he learn that from…
  • Empties containers of contents
    Well, he will does “pour” things out. But I’m not sure if he does it on purpose or he just isn’t able to control his strength well… but there are also times where he will just take out all the books / toys from his box and throw them on the floor… teaching him to place them back is proving to be difficult… *tired*
  • Imitates others
    Yupz.. especially his “jie jie”.. which is his cousin Renee and Vaness… He developed the habit of bringing his pillow around the house and rub his head against them when he saw his “jie jie” doing it… I wonder if we show him enough of going to toilet to pee, he will follow suit? *dreaming*

Emerging Skills

  • Toddles well
    He still stumble and fall at times.. but I think mostly when he is anxious to get to where he is thats why he falls… he can now walk quite well even with shoes on.. but still preferred to be carried when he is outside…
  • Initiates games
    Well I don’t know if running to the cupboard asking for his books to be brought out is considered? Nowadays when we reach home, the first thing he sees me is run to our room, attempt to open the wardrobe and ask for his books to be brought out and me to read to him… *smiles*
  • Points to one body part when asked
    He is able to identify eyes, nose, ears and hand… the funny thing is he will poke his finger into his nostril when asked where is nose… *faint*

Advanced Skills

  • Uses spoon or fork
    Hmm… we haven’t start him on that yet.. maybe its time.. he keep wanting to grab my spoon when I feed him
  • Matches lid with appropriate container
    Nope, we didn’t let him try that also.. the most is he will open and close the container… didn’t really give him multiple containers to match them… probably can try?
  • Pushes and pulls toys while walking
    Well.. he loves to push chairs around the house… and he has a snail toy which can be pulled and walk around.. he was very happy playing with it in the first few days but got sick of it after a while.. so he doesn’t really bring his snail for a walk anymore..

I’m developing a love hate relationship with Zai already.. 😛 when i don’t see him or when we go to work and he will “cry” (cause he doesn’t get to go out), I will miss him… but he can be so ‘N’ at times that I really feel like smacking him… i guess that is kids right?


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