GE2011: Our First Political Rally

Maybe its because of our age, or the prudent of Internet, Election spirit is running high at home and around me… Especially Chubby who is really so into the election and the rallies… although, we won’t be voting (again!) in this GE…

So last Friday, Chubby persuaded my MIL and me to attend the WP rally at Serangoon… Seriously I wasn’t really very keen.. cos I was feeling very tired from the lack of quality sleep the night before (Zai has been waking up at night and requesting to sleep with us… and kicks me throughout the night with his flipping sleeping skills)… but Chubby was so enthu that I really don’t feel like pouring cold water over him… so off we go the whole family including Zai…

I was glad I went… spirits were running high there… watching the rally live versus the online streaming is really different… it felt even better than watching a live rock concert… you can really see the responses of the crowd… and I was surprise to see really very different people from different walks of life… I thought these rallies are attended mainly by aunties and uncles (especially in Serangoon such an area), but I was wrong… there were executives who knocks off from work (I even saw a lady in heels… i wonder how is she going to tahan standing in the field for 3 hours).. there were young couples… there were even very well mannered middle age people who reminds me of senior management in companies… and best of all, everybody was very warm and friendly…

because of Zai we need to leave earlier… so when we try to make our way out, everybody very politely help us make a way and even ask us to be careful… who says there are only poor mannered ugly Singaporeans??

The contents of the speech I shouldn’t comment more… cos they are widely available on the Internet.. all I can say is, there is still a chance, if you have the time in the up coming days, do drop by these rallies and soak up the atmosphere… of course give a chance for the parties and listen to what they have to say…


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