Zai @ 13 Month

It seems we just celebrated his first birthday… and with the prep and actual travelling to Taiwan, we came back rest a while and now my boy is 13 month old… how fast…

Mastered Skills

  • Uses two words skillfully
    Is “mum-mum” considered? I think Zai is slower in speech development. I have no worries for his motor skills but when it comes to speech, he seems to be slower… Yesterday he called “Ma Ma” and pointed to me.. but I’m not sure he really meant it, or its his usual blabbing… But when he sees food, he will say “mum-mum”.. but when he is hungry he will not exactly say it out… but upon seeing food, he will say “mum-mum” and gets grouchy if we didn’t feed him in time…
  • Bends over and picks up an object
    Most times, he will just squat down and picks it up.. I don’t really know the “bends” here refer to standing and bend or sitting / squatting is also considered.
  • Stands alone
    Yup, he is able to stand and walk already.

Emerging Skills

  • Enjoys gazing at his reflections
    He seems to drop this habit… he use to like looking himself in the mirror, but these days he hardly. i wonder is it because we never put him infront of the mirror enough or he is just easily distracted by other stuff.
  • Drinks from a cup
    He still drinks from a straw. But I think maybe its time to train him to drink from a cup too. He loves drinking from a cup, but doesn’t really know how to control yet and always got his shirt all wet.
  • Plays “peekaboo”
    He loves that game… but most time he will come find us.. only rarely will he go hide after seeing us.

Advance Skills

  • Combines words and gestures to make needs known
    He points alot and will pass us some toys… but he hardly says a word… *sighz*
  • Tries to lift heavy things
    Well, he likes to lift objects and walk around with it… He has this set of little books that is stored in a box, he likes to carry it and walk around with it.. He also loves pulling out his book box, which can be quite heavy at times when its loaded with books… he will just try his luck to lift objects… but he won’t persist when he fails… 😛
  • Rolls a ball back and forth
    He tends to throw them more than rolling it…

Now its the time where he is most fun but at the same time most tiring as he tends to move about a lot… and he doesn’t walk that steadily yet… as a result he can bang his head a few times a day… I’m worried how it will affect his brain development…

Smelly Face Zai @ 13 Month
Smelly Face Zai @ 13 Month

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