Back from Tpe

I’m back from Tpe!!! It was a tiring trip cause we brought along Zai…. its really no joke carrying a 10 kilo baby and his barang barang around… I think we will think twice about travelling overseas the next time… maybe on a guided tour it won’t be so bad…. but not on a free and easy… and the place have to be baby pram friendly….

this is my 6th time to Tpe.. well most of the places in Tpe I have already went before… so its really nothing new to me.. just went there for the food… and I was looking forward to the flora expo… but in the end we didn’t manage to go because of the super long queue and the rest are not really that interested…

but i finally manage to 放天燈 at pingxi… which we failed to do 6 years ago… thanks to Chubby’s ex-neighbor, she recommended a very good driver to us… we charter is van for airport transfer and also for a day to visit 九份, 十分 and 平溪… he brought us to the place where we manage to 放天燈 and also “play” with fireworks…. Some of the videos are with my SILs and some are in my camera… I need to get rid of my laziness and start uploading the photos and videos….

I didn’t really take much photos this time.. since my SIL and his uncle is already taking lots of photo… I’m just so tired… I hope to see the photos from my SIL soon.. but she is away on flight for 9 days… arghhh… so I gotta wait…


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