Zai Reading in Feb 2011

Due to my oversight, I forgot to renew Zai’s library books in time.. as a result, they were over due and I can’t renew them anymore… Its a pity.. cause there is this book that Zai really like…

Baby Very First Touchy Feely Christmas Book

This is the book.. he really like this book… whenever I bring out the “book box”, he will go for th book and start flipping it.. especially to the page of the “Prickly Tree”… think he is now developing his senses of touch.. which is why he is so keen with the book… I did consider whether to go hunt the book in the bookstore and buy for him.. but on second thoughts I think he will just get sick of the book soon… so I think I will just try to borrow other “feel” books for him…

As can see in this month, the theme is animals! Hahaha.. just pure coincidence, not on purpose… and I tried to borrow more touch books.. but he doesn’t seem interested in the “furs”… so I should just go for variety the next time… okie here is the list

Haven’t got time to visit the library yet, so Zai now has no books to read.. am just showing him flashcards at night these days… But Zai has developed the habit of “crawling” to the wardrobe, open it, and drag out his “book box”… its cute.. but he doesn’t really read them.. he just take out the books and “throw” them on the floor… occasionally when I show him the flash card, he will look.. I wonder really how much goes into him.. anyway I will still continue as a form of bonding with him… 🙂


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