Stress at Work

Erm… not me… I mean I have some stress at work now, but at the present moment its still manageable… anyway, I was in the toilet this afternoon doing my “business” in the first cubicle, then I heard someone coming in and took up the cubicle beside me… afterwhich, I heard some “crying”… initially I thought I heard wrongly, but then I heard it again… its not the loud crying.. but those of stress relieving… I suddenly feel very sad…

I thinks I’m very bless… so far I have met with quite nice bosses who have not make me cry before… at least not outside my bed… (erm.. as far as I can remember)… but that doesn’t mean I never cry over work before… of course I do… but it has been a long time I think… I tried recalling when was the last time I cried about work and I can’t really remember…

but there was a case of me crying because of work and in “public”… that was back in early 2003… I was working on a project then… and it was very stressful as the system was not stable, and there was lots of co-ordination work and I was very much alone at some point of time… there was so much problem at work that I can’t help but teared…. and had to resort to finding a friend to calm me down… it was a very stressful period… but a very good experience…

Nowadays, she will hardly cry about work.. maybe she is less stress.. or maybe she have learned to let go and just absorb…. even the recent incident of the “not-talking” colleague dishearten her but doesn’t put her on a crying mode…

keitsu has grown up… she is glad she has… 🙂


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