127 Hours

127 Hours
127 Hours

Manage to catch this movie with Chubby last thursday… I went into the movie not knowing what the show is about.. but I must say I walked out of the theater glad that I have watch this movie..

The story is about how a man is being trapped by a boulder in the canyon and have to amputate his right arm using a blunt little knife and survive the whole ordeal of 127 hours… it was really gross to see how he tries to amputate his arm with the knife.. and all the breaking of bones and pulling of veins… seriously, I dare not look at the screen when it happened.. i just ask Chubby why is the scene taking so long and so he explained *puke*

but its really a touching movie.. especially when you know its base on a true life story… throughout the whole period when he was trapped.. he kept having flashbacks of his life… how he was being too conceited and all… how he doesn’t spend enough time with his parents.. and maybe if he had picked up the phone call that his mum made, he would have suffer lesser….

along the way, he has already start hallucinating.. how could a normal human being not, in such a circumstances…. and the last thing he saw was a young little boy… his “vision” of his son.. he has no girlfriend then.. but he just saw a “vision” of this son.. and dunno is it because of this, it spurs him to try to break free… and that is when the amputation started….

I love that scene… not the amputation.. but the one where he “vision” his future son… I miss Zai very badly when I saw that scene… oh man.. i feel like crying now… i guess for alot of people, your family.. especially your fruits of your love are what spurs you on in life… I was glad Zai came into our life… I love him tonnes!!!


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