This morning when I was on the train, I was surfing facebook and saw Flo and Ed’s status… they are closing… I dunno why but tears start swelling up in my eyes… its been a long long time since I last visit the forum… was it like 5 years ago? but still its sad to see the place go…

I remember I chance upon the forum after Mayday came back from their hiatus in 2003… I think I just wanted more information about their schedule to SG… but somehow I found a place full of Mayday “lovers”…. and for a good 3 years+ I will login everyday to the forum… checking for news and see what are the rest of the forumers discussing… I remember last time the first thing I reach office is always to check mail and the forum… and in between the day i will also go in to check for more information or “chat” with others… 😛 it make time in office pass very fast….

I attended a few of their gatherings I think… and that is how I get to know the mafians… every time someone asks me how I know them (especially the old folks at home) I will tell them, I know them on the “street”… well, the Internet “street” in that sense… 😛 together with the mafians we did tonnes of crazy stuff.. but now that we are all older, we have become less daring… hahaaa….

its sad to see the place go… although we are all busy with our own life that we hardly have time for the forum… but still its a place full of memories… 😥


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