Zai Reading in Jan 2011

I know Feb is coming to an end le, but I didn’t really have the time to post on his readings until now. All books were borrowed from the library… Tried to balance by borrowing Chinese book but wasn’t really successful.. couldn’t really attract his attentions to the books…

but I found a way to look for books faster.. that is to browse for the titles of books that others just returned… normally there is a good haul there… 😛 lazy mummy heheeee

There is a few “touch” books but he didn’t really enjoy touching them.. the book of all that he prefers is probably the “Peek-a-boo Happy Baby”… cos I will tend to play “peek-a-boo” with him…. but Jan was a busy month for me at work and with all the CNY preparation. So I didn’t really get to read much to him… I need to buck up! Plus its getting difficult to catch his attention these… most time I will continue reading while he moves around rummaging the “book box” or playing with his toys… I just hope he will pick up something along the way…


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