Letting Zai sleep on his own

Recently, we are training Zai to sleep on his own at night… we would do the usual bedtime routine of changing his diaper and giving him a bottle of milk.. Last time, he will lie on our bed and drink his milk with either of us beside him… and most time helping him carry his bottle too… after he finish, we will normally carry him and pat him to sleep before putting him down in his cot….

But since last week, my MIL suggest we put him down on his cot to let him drink his own milk and let him sleep on his own… and we tried… we switch off all the light and leave him alone.. surprisingly, he was able to finish his milk and fall asleep on his own… my MIL claims she always do that to him in the afternoon… this worked for a couple of days last week.. until Thursday, whereby I think he is not tired enough so he actually cried after drinking only half his milk.. so I went into the room, help him finish and carry him to sleep again.. but yesterday night, he was a good boy again…

I think we just have to find the right time for him to sleep and don’t play with him too much… but I actually misses the time where I sing and pat him to sleep.. yes its a good form of independence, but I miss the time I spend with him… but well, this is the first few steps in letting go of my kid right?

I recently stumble upon a blog “Our Baby of Love” while searching for a review on our recently bought stroller… and I started reading their past entries.. and followed the “growth” of their son… and like the mother, who actually miss patting her sons to sleep when the process of letting sleep on their own started… And as I proceed reading the growth of their son, I realize that boys are really boys.. they tend to be more active… but I also realise that I was quite bless with Zai.. delivery was quite smooth except for little hiccups and even taking care of Zai wasn’t really that difficult during his younger days…. or maybe because I’m not doing it full time also… 😛


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