Zai @ 11 Months

Very soon it will be his 1st birthday! We have arranged for the place but I haven’t get my butt moving for the cake and the deco… oh man… I’m torn between getting a cake design which I have thought of but will mean that I have to travel to AMK to get the cake on that day and getting another nice cake from somewhere near our place… both will costs us some $$$

Mastered Skills

  • Says “dada” and “mama” to the right parent
    Sometimes I will hear him say “maa maa” I’m not sure if he is exactly calling me, my MIL or food… cos in cantonese he will call my MIL “maa-maa” But I will say he is not exactly fast in his speech development if you base on this standard. But I’m not too worried now, cos he is still making some funny bubbler… I will try to read and talk to him more to encourage him to talk
  • Plays Patty-Cake
    From what I read online, this is a “game” where the baby will clap to the rhythm of the rhyme. Well I have never play this with Zai before. So far he knows how to clap but is not able to clap to a rhythm yet. Maybe I can start playing this with him.
  • Stands alone for a couple of seconds
    He is getting better at this. He can now stand on his own without an aid. He somehow can push himself up from the floor. Most time he will move from a squatting position and stands up. But sometimes he will open his legs too wide, as a result he can’t stand up properly. But its cute when you see him do that. Cos he will “fall” on his buttocks. Luckily, there is diaper to protect his butt.

Emerging Skills

  • Imitates Others’ Activities
    Hmm… He don’t really do that.. Unless you count flipping the book when I attempt to read to him. Otherwise he tends to do his own things… oh, but this few days he is into “clucking”… he will make this “cluck cluck” sound with his tongue… we wonder who he learn it from cause we never really teach him… we wonder is it because he saw other people doing it.
  • Puts objects into a container
    Yes he can do that. That day I told him to keep his toys and I start packing up his toys. I tot for once he understood me, cause I saw him putting a toy into a box.. but next moment he empty the box again :@ and he has this push toy with 4 simple shape sorter. That day I saw him putting the circle through the sorter. Of course I pointed to him where is the shape initially. But he manage to put it through pick it up and did it on his own again. I thought that is quite good… 😛
  • Understands Simple Instructions
    Hmm… I don’t think so… either that he understand but don’t want to follow… When we told him not to play with the sockets, he will turn around sometime smile wait for a while and continue.. sometimes he totally ignore us… so I really don’t know whether he don’t understand or he simply boh chap

Advanced Skills

  • Drinks from a cup
    He is still using his cup with the rubber “teats”. But he has grew tired of it and doesn’t really want to drink from it, unless he is really very thirsty or you tell him that you will give him more biscuit if he drinks the water. But he has pick up the skill to drink from straw on his own. One day, chubby just took a Mac Regular Cup of Coke with Straw to his mouth.. Zai just put his mouth over it, and we didn’t expect that he will suck.. next moment he was drooling the coke out from his mouth… we were shock, but that means I can get him a bottle with straw!
  • Says one word besides “mama” and “dada”
    Is “muum-muum” aka food considered? I think the most accurate thing he says with intended meaning is “muum-muum”… cos when he is hungry and he saws us, he will cry and say “muum-muum”… his first words wasn’t even calling us… *bleh*
  • Stoops from Standing position
    He can’t do that yet

Apart from these, we manage to teach him to do the hand sign for “Gong-Xi Gong-Xi” so it was useful during the CNY… but he will only do it when he likes it… but surprisingly he likes the CNY songs.. and will do “Gong-Xi Gong Xi” on his own when he hears them… and he likes Mandarin Orange skin.. will always take a bite on the skin when he has it in his hands… and he loves “Ang Bao” too… happy to hold them in his hands and waves it… of course he don’t understands the value inside, its the packaging he is interested in… looks like he is someone who likes CNY!

My MIL has also taught him how to point to objects… occasionally he will point to the CNY fish deco in our house when my MIL asks him where is the “fish”… and also to the “wind mill” when my mum asks him what is “pretty pretty” in cantonese…

He now will really waves goodbye… and can even open and close his hand… so cute… that day my SIL gave him a flying kiss, and he actually tries to put his hand over his mouth, but never really got to flying the kiss out… *cute* 😛

Oh and he fell really sick during the 3rd week of Jan 2011… so sick that his eyes were all swollen and his temperature shot up to 39 degree C that we brought him to KK (actually we went SGH first only to realise that they don’t treat babies so we rush down to KK next) in the early morning…. glad that he has almost recovered and is now my active boy again!

Zai @ 11 Months

We were out at my SIL on that day… So I didn’t manage to take a photo of Zai until he is asleep….


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