The Main Care Giver

Over the last 2 weeks, I was down with MCs for 4 days… twice on each week… and there was a day where Zai himself was down with high fever and I was on leave to take care of him… Having spend the few days with Zai I feel, we got closer…

But all it takes is just a few days off to work and not being the main care giver, Zai has forgotten about me! *sighz*

The few days when I’m home, I really toy with the idea of changing my full time job to a freelance job just so I can be Zai’s main care giver… but I was toying with the idea only.. I don’t have the courage.. first in terms of $, second in terms of patience…

Its sad really to see that Zai is closer to his main care giver which is my MIL and not us parents… *sighz* do we have choice? actually yes, but a difficult one no doubt…


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