Chinese New Year

Today is the last day of January 2011 already. Time flies (how many time have I written this on my blog??)… I remember last month I was still dreading the coming of Jan 2011 cause of my acceptance tests that will last through the month.. so its a difficult period.. But time has pass, and the busy period is over! Yay!

In a few days time, it will be Chinese New Year! This year will be different cause Zai will be with us. And for the first time, we have our own place, which means we have one more place to visit this year, my MIL’s…

I’m quite a tradition.. I loves Chinese New Year… for all the goodies and good mood… plus I don’t really see my relatives alot. The only time we meet is once a year during CNY… so I really like this festive season.. and I really couldn’t get it when people choose to go overseas during this period.. oh well, maybe not everybody sees their relatives only once a year… so CNY makes no different to them…

I have more or less prep all the things required.. I didn’t really get much CNY clothings for myself.. just 2 sets for the 1st few days.. but I have bought some clothes for Zai and can’t wait to dress him in them… I think he will look cute.. hahahaha.. this is more like for him… and chubby haven’t got anything new yet, maybe I will be able to persuade him to buy some tonight?

CNY goodies wise, there are some at home already… my FIL brought some over.. and I intend to buy some while we visit chinatown on the eve (I hope I can make it.. cause who to take care of Zai?) but I’m down with a bad cough since 2 weeks ago.. I hope I can recover in 2 days time and eat for revenge!!!

The new notes for Ang Bao are ready.. but I haven’t start “packing” yet.. I think I will wait till tomorrow night.. I’m just tired after this busy period… 😛 also need to draw more cash for the bigger ang baos of the elderly.. and yah how much should i give Zai??

Okie.. what else am I missing?


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