My Sister’s Keeper (Movie)

My Sister's Keeper The Movie

Finally I get to watch this movie on HBO last Monday when I was down on MC… Wanted to watch it when it was in the theaters, but I was pregnant then, Chubby won’t let me watch it… so until now I finally am able to catch it on TV…

They changed the ending as compare to the book… of course, movies can never beat the book in terms of story development and all.. and I also prefer the book ending as compare to the movie.. more impact then the movie itself..

Watching the movie, I was once again reminded very strongly of not to assume what you are doing for the others is what is best for them… The mum insists that both her daughters goes through all the surgery in order to prolong the elder sister’s life…. she thought that was what is good for her daughter… its what she thought…

after the past few months, I also strongly learn the lesson of not just standing at your own point of view and think that what you do is for the best of others… always ask what people want… don’t assume…


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