Zai @ 10 Month (II)

Oh I forgot to mention that Zai has finally sleep through the night…

Chubby and I were on leave for most days in the last two weeks of December, so we decide that we should try to train Zai to sleep through the night… Actually we have been suspecting that his cries at night for milk were more of a habit then an actual need.. cause he will just wake up at around 2am asking for milk… no matter what time he sleeps and when was his last meal…

So for the first night, we tried to soothe him instead of giving him milk… we weren’t very successful… he went back to sleep for an hour and woke up again asking for milk… we succumb to him… but miraculously the next day Zai woke up later… it was like 8 hrs after his last meal, so we gave him milk and he went back to sleep soon…

and it took another day or two and Zai sleeps through for about 10 hours then will wake up for milk and all… so it was a relief for both of us… and i can’t start weaning…

But this few days he is a bit more cranky at night cause of his teething… so he woke up a few times, but we manage to soothe him back to sleep without milk… and yesterday night he was better… never wake up until like 7am today… I hope this can continue and I can finally have my 8 hours of undisturbed sleep… 😛

oh… but that also means we have to wake up early on weekends.. cause Zai sleeps at 9pm and will be awake at about 7am… 😛


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