Zai @ 10 Months

Zai turn 10 months yesterday! 2 more months and he will be a year old… gotta think of where to hold his first birthday party! *headache*
Mastered Skills

  • Waves Goodbye
    Well, he only do that when he feels like it… most time he doesn’t and we have to bring his hand up to wave… at times he will wave both hands. My MIL is trying to teach him to wave with one hand now…
  • Pick Things Up with Pincer Grasp
    As mention last month, he is able to do that already… and I often put his favorite biscuit on my palm and get him to pick it up and feed himself on his own.
  • Crawls Well
    Still leopard crawl.. Don’t think he will ever go into the stage of just using his arms
    and legs… he is too good in his leopard crawl already. But he did kneel down and start pushing chairs to move around though.

Emerging Skills

  • Says “Dada” and “Mama” to the right parent
    He still can’t say that yet.. but he definitely can say “mum-mum”.. Every time he sees his
    milk he will go “mum-mum”..
  • Response to name and understands “No”
    Hahahaha… how is that possible… response to name, maybe.. yesterday when we reach home, we called out to him from the lift… he turn and look at us.. but I wonder is it
    because he recognizes his name or just because there was a sound… Understand “No”??? well a really big ?… just that day he was playing “banging his head against the wall” (silly boy, finds the sound so fascinating) and I told him no and scolded him.. he just smiles at me and continue… *arghhh*
  • Indicates wants with gesture
    If you consider him kicking his leg when we lie him down getting ready for his milk and also stretching out his hand to grab the biscuit as gesture, then probably yes to this.

Advanced Skills

  • Drinks from a cup
    He is not exactly drinking from a cup, but he has a cup with a pout that will drip water only when you bite on it.. Much like a milk bottle teats. He is able to hold the cup and drink it on his own… hopefully soon we can have a pout with bigger holes.
  • Stands alone for a couple of seconds
    Yes and he loves doing that now.. It started off with him pulling himself to stand up in his cot… and then he will let go of his hand for a while and very soon he will lean forward to try grab the cot again for him to balance back… we can see that his getting better at it now as he can let go longer without the need to hold himself… hope this can improve even more and he can start walking soon.. otherwise, he will be quite trapped with no place to crawl, especially at my mum’s place.
  • Puts objects into a container
    He will only take things out.. never really putting them in… even if he puts his hand inside, he hardly will let go… he will just take out again…

Apart from these he also have grown one more little tooth, this big tooth at the top right… he now has 3 little teeth.. so cute… but I think his gums are still very itchy cause
nowadays he keeps putting fingers into his mouth especially the back part and also rubbing them against the handles of his cot… but you give him teething toy he is not interested… I just hope his teeth doesn’t drop…

And he is still have “bua lu ku” everyday… cos he just like to crawl and move around.. even in his own cot, he will knock against the railings… MIL and chubby actually wanted to bring over the playpen of my SIL and let him sleeps in that instead of his cot… but I still prefer this cot though, cos it allows him to pull himself up on his own… and its more elevated… *sighz* but letting him bang his head everyday is also a problem… And the other day, he just crawl and stand on the pram while I was out shopping with my Mum and Sis… luckily we just bought a new pram for the up coming overseas trip… and he is not able to crawl/climb out of that because there is a belt to belt him down on the shoulders there as well… *sighz* he is really active.. think we really have to let him learn a sport when he gets older.. to help him dissipate the energy…

Zai Getting Out of his Chair @ 10 months
Zai Biting @ 10 Months

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