The Nobody Keitsu

This memory suddenly came to Keitsu when she was walking back to office from lunch…

When Keitsu was in primary school, she joins the choir… and she remembered that when she is in primary 3, there was to be a competition at some CC.. So the school actually make special skirts for them to wear for the competition… The original piece of skirt given to her was a very nice and flare one… where, when you do a quick turn the skirt will fly up to a nice 90 degree so that it is parallel with the floor… but somewhere, some girl requested for her skirt to be change.. the reason she gave was probably she couldn’t fit into her skirt.. but Keitsu think (at that time), it was because her skirt was not the “flare” kind… so the teachers actually made Keitsu change with her, no doubt Keitsu feels that there is no difference in size (and shortly after changing, Keitsu saw the girl doing the turn and showing off her skirt to others)…

Thinking back.. keitsu probably have the first feel of political playing then.. some girls will just do whatever they can to get what they want… and keitsu being the nobody will kinda of lose out… From young, Keitsu have never been the “popular” person… as in, she is not top in her class… she does not have outstanding talents… doesn’t always behave herself and doesn’t know how to play political games… so she was never the “teachers’ pet” or even the “leader” among the students…. even now she also feels that she is a nobody…

Probably because she don’t know how to deal with people properly…. most time she will do what she think is best for others.. probably she tries too hard… as a result a lot of time she make the mistake as to making too much assumption about certain things.. which is why she unknowingly offended others…. that happened a few years ago… and it seems to be happening again… looks like she never really learn her lessons… but this time round, she really really have no idea why the person is offended and she refuses to let Keitsu know why… *sighz*

interaction between people is such a difficult art… she really admire those who can handle people well.. maybe keitsu is just cut-out to face computers…


2 thoughts on “The Nobody Keitsu

  1. Hi Keitsu, this is Magjunkie from Vox if you still remember me. 🙂 Just want to let you know that you’re not alone in thinking that interpersonal relations is difficult to maintain. I think I have become somewhat of a recluse because of my lacking social skills. If you think you’ve done nothing wrong, let that person be and maybe he/she will come up to you one day and start talking again. Cheer up. The world is made up of “nobodies” like us 🙂

  2. Hi Magjunkie,

    Yes of course I remember you… Thanks… I thought she would too.. but it has been coming to 3 months and she is still like that… it just pain my heart to loose a “friend” like that…

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