Zai @ 9 Months

Long overdue again… haaaa…

Mastered Skills:

  • Combines syllables to word like sound
    Doesn’t really understand what is this.. but at the present moment Zai knows how to say “Ba”, “Ma”, “Nak”, “Ta” in continuous… i don’t really think he know how to call us yet.. in fact sometimes we wonder if he can recognise us.. cause if somebody is already carrying him and going out, he can just ignore our existence… *sighz* boys are boys they don’t stick to parents do they?
  • Stands while holding onto something
    As mention in the previous month he can do that already… and now he just wouldn’t sit still and loves to climb on anything that he can find.. *headache* But we found out that he indeed can sit on his own already.. now he also spend time sitting down on his own instead of in his tummy… but he still haven’t really master how to get from a lying position to a sitting position…

Emerging Skills:

  • Uses pincer grasp to pick up objects
    He is doing this now.. I normally will put his small star biscuit (like honey star size) on my palm… and he will use his thumb and index finger to pick it up and put into his mouth.. and yup, he loves the biscuit.
  • Cruises while holding on to furniture
    He can “walk” around his cot holding on to the railings… and we inherited a toy from my cousin which is used to aid in walking…. and we will make him hold on to it and walk around for a short
    distance.. but he can’t really walk with that yet.. tendency for him to walk slanted or without the whole feet on the floor
  • Bangs object together
    Oh… he loves doing that.. he will just take two of his toys and start banging them together.. in fact he has learned to clap too.. and likes doing it… well this is thanks to my MIL who taught him how… 🙂
    he knows how to wave bye bye too… but will only do it when he feels like it… *bleh*

Advance Skills:

  • Says “Da Da” and “Ma Ma” to the right person
    ermm… obviously he can’t do that yet…

Baby’s growth are really fast… sometimes I feel that my son have gone a long way.. but looking back its actually only like 9 months… There are more months to come but his growth will be less rapid.. I just wish I can let him learn all that he wants now… not really as in those kiasu kind.. but I wish to develop his interest in learning new things.. i think that is very important in our life… and a value I hope he will pick up…

My Pouty Son @ 9 Months

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