31 Years On

I turned 31 yesterday… Like in the past few years, I didn’t have much of a celebration… Chubby is not one who believes in celebrating… so we just have a quiet lunch between the two of us at Sushi Tei… he wanted to go buffet, but I find it expensive and not worth it.. so it was just a little lunch… and he was off to work… but we did spend a little time in the late evening for a walk around our estate with Zai… 🙂

31 years on… I’m still not sure if I know what I want to do about my life… do I enjoy my work? Yes and No… I wish I can do something else, but I know I can’t… I’m past and beyond the stage of questioning about life and all.. especially with the birth of Zai.. He is the center of my attention now…

I just wish for good health and happiness for my family, friends, relatives and of course myself… so I can watch Zai develop and grow healthily…

Zai and Me on my Birthday

4 thoughts on “31 Years On

  1. ohh! happy birthday to u!! i just realised u’ve the same bdae as one of my besties!! (:
    wish u good health, good luck n good prospects!!! ^_^

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