Zai @ 8 Months

I realize with a shock that Zai is 8 months already…. my boy is changing everyday.. sometimes I look at his photo, I will think: Is this my boy? He looks different somehow… and I wonder will there be a chance that I won’t be able to pick him up if he is placed together with a group of boys his age?

Anyway his development as follows:

Mastered Skills:

  • Sits without support
    This is tricky… I dunno is it a yes or not.. Cause I did see him sit without support before. But for a short period… and he will either lurch forward or go backward… and I wonder is it because he can’t hold his head or really because he is so curious about what is in front of him… *headache
  • Reaches for things with a sweeping motion
    Hmmm… don’t really understand this.. but yah, as mention above he will just lurch forward to grab for things that curious him.. he is a curious little boy.. which is good, but requires lots of energy and patience to look after..
  • Imitates speech sound
    We always say, he needs to sing 山歌 before he can sleeps.. cause he will make lots ahh and oooo sounds… and there are occasions where we hear different sounds coming out from him.. and we will be fascinated… (silly parents)

Emerging Skills

  • Begins to crawl or lurch forward
    Well, as mention previously he can do that from quite a young age… now his actions is faster.. but he can’t really crawl on all 4s yet… still using leopard crawl…

Advanced Skills

  • Stands while holding on to something
    Yupz he can do that now.. just yesterday he demonstrated how he manage to grab hold of the vertical bars in his crib and pull himself up to a level and change to grab the horizontal bar… and after which pull himself all the way straight… standing… guess we can teach him to walk soon?
  • Waves Goodbye
    Not yet… we haven’t really teach him.. maybe we should teach him soon… But he is into the “cheng cheng” (praying) action these days… i wonder is it because he wants to eat his hand or because my mum taught him how to do it…
  • Bangs object together
    Yes… in fact since last month.. my MIL teaches him that… now if he got two things in his hand he will tend to bang them… i wanted to teach him stacking, but he doesn’t seem to catch it.. maybe i’m being too ambitious… 😛


Zai @ 8 Months
Zai @ 8 Months



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