Finally we have moved into our new place over the weekend…. Its been like coming to a year…

We found the flat in early December 2009, but the first appointment with HDB is only in early March 2010. 2nd appointment is in April… Following that, we extended one more month for the previous owner as they need to renovate their new place too… so we only took over the keys in May…. after which because of the Geomancer, there was some delay… and later on because of finding a contractor who can provide us with attractive pricing and offering decent enough job, we took some time too… following that, the Geomancer got some comments, so in the end we have to “halt” the renovation for him to process… when the work is to be resumed, we got delays from the contractor, probably because he has already send his man to do other projects…. and only in early Oct the house is more or less ready…. after picking a date from the Master, we moved in last saturday! woah… it seems to be longer than my pregnancy…

but surprisingly the move was smoother than we thought… we engaged the movers who told us initially that they will only be able to come in the afternoon at 1 pm.. so we thought that is fine since we have the “ritual” to perform at 11am+…. but who knows in the morning of the moving day, they called and say that they can come now.. so by 10:30am they were already downstairs waiting to move our things into their lorry…. but its actually a blessing in disguise.. cos by the time they reach our new place we just finish our “ritual” and all… so we can actually continue to unpack the stuff… no time wasted… 😛

manage to unpack most of the things on Saturday… and by Sunday evening, I have already unpacked all my things and half of his things… by Monday afternoon I manage to unpack everything including his… so I even get to chill out on Monday….

but now that we have moved…. we need to watch our budget even more… cos all the bills will start coming in… and not to mention the renovation $$ which we borrowed…

I just wish that we will stay peacefully in the house and everything will be smooth for all that stays there… 🙂


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