Zai @ 7 months

He fell sick days before he turn 7 months… and recover only on the day itself…. high fever that raise and lower, flu and block nose that wakes him up from his sleep… it was a difficult one week… i’m glad he recovered….

In this month, he learned to “crawl” on his own… its a leopard crawl, meaning his body is still on the floor but he someone is able to move forward using his arms and one leg… somehow he is not using his left leg.. i hope he will learn to use it soon… and also to be on his fours by next month? being able to crawl means he doesn’t want to be “trapped” anymore… we need to have a big space for him to roam about… but this will be problem when we move into our new place… space is limited…

his able to sit on a baby chair quite comfortably now.. just can’t sit on his own.. cause he tend to lurch forward or move suddenly backwards… I wonder how to teach him to sit on his own… we bought him a bamboo chair much like the bumbo… but he soon crawl out of it… *headache* so now my MIL have to put him in a pram to stop him from moving….

he started on his solid food…. of course rice cereal… we fed him banana, water melon, pear, apple, guava, soya beancurd, bread, plain porridge and his favourite Chawanmushi… guess he really like all the soft things… that day I just BF him before we enter the restaurant, and we only wanted to let him have a taste of Chawanmushi, in the end he finish almost 1/4 cup… its a lot compare to the rest of the things we gave him….

i think he can recognize his name already… when we call out to him, he will respond.. but sometime he will be too engross in what he is doing that he doesn’t want to care about us….

he also attended his first wedding dinner and wedding lunch this month… and even tried to charm the ladies at the next table… my SIL say he is an auntie-killer… cause he will just smile at all the ladies when she brought him to NTUC… but i think he is just a lady-killer… he will try to charm anybody to come play with him… okie i think i’m having the “my-kid-is-the-cutest” syndrome already…

sometime I just can’t stand myself for liking him so much… 😛 i just hope we don’t spoil him… 😛


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