OCD or Oppressive Compulsive Disorder…

I just did a rough read-up on this topic… because we (as in hubb and me) thought I might be suffering from mild OCD… cause I will insist that Zai milk bottle be cleaned properly… and I get upset when things are not in place or like that day the cover to Zai milk bottle cannot be found… and I would prefer cables to be coiled properly, otherwise i will feel unease… I prefer my clothes to be folded properly and Zai clothes have to be folded in certain way to make it neat… and there were many more…

after reading I guess, I’m not suffering from OCD afterall… its just that I can’t stand things that are not in order.. but I wouldn’t spend hours to get it to be perfect… I would redo some of the things like re-washing the bottles (but I feel this is necessary, otherwise, the residue on it would grow into bacteria which will cause Zai to fall sick), re-coil the wire properly, refold the clothes accordingly….

I hope my obsession for getting things right will not continue on… I guess I need to take a break sometimes… with my current job responsibilities, my new home coming and Zai more will be required of me… i hope I can find ways to unwind… I haven’t met up with my friends for a long time, I hope to find the time soon… 🙂


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