Mystery of Zai

An unsolve mystery happened yesterday… Zai was found on the floor! and nobody knew what happen…

The last to see him is me I think… he was still on our bed about to fall asleep… I thought he is quite safe since I have already put pillow obstacles around him. But like 5 minutes later, my MIL heard his noise (not cries, but his usual noise when he wants to sleep but can’t get to sleep)…. and found him on the floor… and best he was on his tummy and the pillows are still all on the bed….

we checked him, but found no “bua lu ku” or any injury… we just saw a red mark on his forehead but it was there before we left him “alone”.. cos he is in the habit for “rubbing” the floor these days in an attempt to crawl…

so its still a mystery now as to how he got there… hmmmm…..


2 thoughts on “Mystery of Zai

  1. My mom told me when I was a baby, she would put me in a vat while she do her chores. Once the vat toppled and broke into pieces, with me in it. But I was not hurt or cut a bit.

    I think babies are looked after by guardian angels. I believe in guardian angels – I think I used to hear them. ;p Believe or not?

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