The Last Post

I login to vox today and was shocked to see that Vox is closing down…. I guess this will be my last post on VOX…

Somehow I am washed with emotion now… I dunno, its just a cyberspace but I'm kinda of sad to see this place go… I have been here for a good 5 years I think… migrating from blogspot to here, cos I like some of the features here and the chic blog design…. and very sad that vox is to go… 😦

I have make new friends here because of the neighbor feature… I wonder if TypePad also have this feature? I will be migrating to TypePad for convenince sake… Can't imagine going thru the hassle of re-importing my posts, pictures and all…. and I just started the "books" collection for Zai… I wonder if TypePad also have it? TypePad is still working hard to import my posts now… shall see how it goes… otherwise, I probably have to move the "books" to FB and start bookmarking my neighbors….

Bye Bye Vox… Thank you for the past 5 years… *tear*

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