Water Footprint

Last Sunday while I was in the car breastfeeding Zaizai and at the same time waiting for hubb to "da bao" breakfast, I chance upon an old issue of Nat Geo which hubb bought months ago… The topic? "Water"….

According to the article, by 2050, a third of the people on Earth will lack fresh water supply.. this is scary… we are talking about 40 years down the road.. by then I may or may not be around… but Zaizai will be… how will be our Earth be like then?
And the irony is that, there will be places that is suffering from drought and places suffering from flood… all these due to the bad weather..
So I make a mental note to myself that I will do more to reduce my carbon footprint and water footprint… will need to google to find out on what more can i do to reduce them…
the article on nat geo can be found here….

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