Zai Reading in July

More books that I have read to Zai…

Say Goodnight
Helen Oxenbury

This is in the same series as the previous book that I have read to him… I kinda of like Helen Oxenbury books… cause there are many actions which I can do to show Zai…
MY LEARNING LIBRARY SET OF 8 BOXED,CHUNKY, 'NURSERY RHYMES' BOARD BOOKS Old MacDonald Had a Farm: First Reading - Level 1 Knick-knack Paddywhack

These three books are mainly rhymes which I sing to him… I think he quite like Old MacDonald because of the "sounds" of the animals…. I have returned that book, but I still sing to him the song on and off.. and he will laugh at the "moo-moo" sound….
This is a touch and feel book… its from the library, so I find it quite dirty actually… but books like this costs a bomb.. so still I borrowed and let Zai feel… at the most clean his hand after reading… but I think he is still too young to "feel" much yet… 😛
I like this book myself quite alot… there isn't much wordings in it.. it just shows the animals in black and white… with shiny colors for some highlight… I also use the sound the animals make to entice Zai to "read" the book…
This book teaches the things baby should and should not do… of course he is too young to understand them now.. but I still read to him anyway… actually I think this book is more appropriate for his cousin, Renee, who is 2 years now.
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes Are You Sleepy Yet, Petey?

Read the ten little fingers and ten little toes to both Renee and Zai…  teaching them what is finger and what is toe.. by the end of the book, Renee can show me her toes… think Zai will also enjoy it better when he is older…

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3 thoughts on “Zai Reading in July

  1. you may be right.. not so much from the contents of the book… but rather its like our bonding time together… but sometime i'm too tired to read to him or he is too restless to care… hmmm… but i will persevere….

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