Zai @ 5 Months

In this month, Zai went for his 2nd jab… and he again developed a mild fever…. we were on the verge of giving him medication when his fever reach 37.6 once… but we sponge him and waited… and the fever came down.. so we decide to monitor and see how… in the end he survived on his own…

Zai also make his first visit to the doctor… he fell sick… he was sitting in his rocker and playing when suddenly he let out a cry… as if something "scare" him… we rush to him and when I carried him I realize that he felt a little feverish… and we took his temperature and true enough he is having a slight fever… not sure is it because he got a scare from seeing himself in the mirror of the toy.. but this is not the first time he sees himself in the mirror neither the first time he played that toy… so dunno why… in any case, he temperature went up to 38 by night, so we decide to feed him paracetamol… but after a day of sponging and another feed of paracetamol, his fever still went up and down.. we decide to bring him to the GP… the GP looked at him and saw some ulcers in his throat.. should be some virus infection.. he just told us to up the dosage of the paracetamol according to his weight and monitor… true enough, after one dose, his temperature came down.. and he recovered very soon after…. what puzzled us is whether did he caught the virus from his cousin who was in hospital on Sunday (and we brought him there to visit him) or he just got a "scare"….
His head is also getting stronger and stronger.. we rented a bumbo chair for him to sit.. and he kinds of like it… cos he is always so curious about the environment… the chair allow him to see more things.. but we didn't let him sit for long, cos we are not sure if his spine has really fully develop to do that.. but I try to put him in that chair after milk so that he doesn't flip and puke milk out….
 His able to grab his feet now… and loves doing it.. so he will pull out his booties and socks, which can be quite a headache…He speaks more blabber too… sometimes I wonder what is he trying to tell us… and the bad habit he picked up is to "buuu" his saliva out… and when he doesn't want his milk, he "buuu" it out too.. *headache*
I think he is in the initial stage of teething… he bit hubb once… and likes to put things in his mouth.. especially his finger… I have even seen him once rubbing his fingers inside like a tooth brush…. we bought some teething toy, hope it helps him….  but I can't seem to stop him from sucking his finger… nowadays he even suck his fingers to bed.. attempt to use pacifier has failed… tried a bigger pacifier also doesn't help.. *sigh* I hope the finger sucking will go away when he grows up…
I conduct more regular reading sessions with him… teaching him flashcards which I inherited from my sis friend… sometime he will look intently at it.. but at times he will just look away uninterested… and at times he will want to snatch the card and put it into his mouth… when it comes to book reading, sometimes he get really excited.. his breathing become faster and he waves his hands and legs more.. I dunno if he enjoys it or he doesn't… cos after a while he will get irritated at sitting in that position and will cry.. so i will try to change a few position for him… but I have read in books saying that they breath faster and waves their hands to show their excitement and actually enjoys the session… any case I will just continue trying….
He is also starting to bully my SIL… always want us to carry him.. can't leave him on the bed unless he is on his tummy… at night I still carry him until he fall asleep.. its bad, but I dunno what else I can do to make him go to bed… I just hope as he progresses, he will learn to sleep on his own…
Shall update with a photo in his 5th month soon… 🙂

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