Zaizai @ 4 Months

Ha… I'm late again as usual….

This month Zaizai starts to flip over onto his stomach… he started with turning to the side and arching his body… and he manage to do a flip a few days after that… we are happy to see him progress.. but it become frustrating now cos he wouldn't lay still unless he is sleeping.. he flips when we change his nappy, he flips when we put him on his rocker (although not very successful)… he will flip once we put him on his back… and sometimes when he just finish his milk and we put him down, he will just flip causing himself to puke milk… *sighz*
He also can hold his head more steadily now… not to 100% cos sometime he will just suddenly lean his head forward.. like he hold his head until tired, and he decides to just suddenly give up… so carrying him now have to be extra careful…
His poo poo is also getting lesser… guess his digestive system is maturing… so he is able to absorb the nutrients from the breast milk and is poo-ing lesser… which is good, it means better for him and also money saving for us… 😛
His appetite also increased… we use to feed him only 120ml max for a feed.. now he is drinking 150ml… but this also means that my milk supply is not enough for him when I'm at work… guess he has to start on formula soon too…
He got his first jab on the 16 June… he developed a mild fever from that.. but otherwise he is strong… we didn't feed him any paracetamol… cause both hubb and I are believer of self healing… human bodies can do wonders… we don't want to feed him too much western medicine…. but we did give him "bao ying dan" from Eu Yan Seng…. should be less damaging to him bah….
As mention in the previous post, I started a reading routine with him.. as a form of spending time with him also to help increase his attention span… i enjoyed those sessions… but sometimes he will be too sleepy when i reach home to play that with him… so i think i must set a routine time to do it and let him get accustom to it…
my MIL also perform the "drumstick eating" ritual with him… its to actually "rub" the drumstick on his lips to represent the eating of "meat" so that he won't be picky about his food next time… well.. i didn't get to see it "live" cos I'm working that day… *sighz* I wonder how many milestones of Zaizai will i miss because of work… 😦
more updates when he is 5 months… 🙂 time flies…

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