Am very busy for the past week… taking over tasks from a colleague who is going on half year no-pay leave… on top of the stuff I have on hand… at home, Zaizai went for his 2nd 5-in-1 jab on friday, so he was feverish over the weekend… and we suspect he is having colic as he is screaming his lung out in the car when we were on our way home on Sunday night… and yesterday Zaizai and MIL is sick, I myself is also down with slight flu… so much things going on…

I want to have a long "me" time… have been missing it since the birth of Zaizai… will I ever get it back? I doubt so.. now i have to work my schedule around Zai.. and if he don't sleep early at night, I have no time to do my things… but yet I want to play with him… it contradicts…
and I want to watch Despicable Me!

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