Things to do…

Edited: 13 July (Tuesday) Manage to complete alot of things.. *happy*

Keitsu have a list of things she wants to do this weekend… she hopes she can complete some of them…

  • Copy Zaizai photos from SIL camera and upload it to facebook (Half done, copied but not uploaded)
  • Upload photos from the Universal Singapore trip to facebook (Done)
  • Finish reading the book (which she started when she was pregnant until now), so she can start on something new (done, but i skip the last chapter by alot, just read the last few pages)
  • Visit the library (to return the baby book and borrow more baby books… hahaha like she got the time to read) (Borrowed, but forgot to return..)
  • Play flash game (she is half-way thru the game, but no time to continue playing) (Played another 2 more stages)
  • Eat Durian (No Green Bamboo during the weekend… *sadz*)
  • Play with Zaizai… (Done… Manage to read the books I borrowed to Zaizai too…)
  • Sync her iPhone (Done)
  • Iron her clothes (Done)
  • Watch "Twilight: New Moon" or "My Sister's Keeper" (Manage to watch New Moon with my sis and played the game at the same time.. it was so boring)
Oh my… which ones will I be able to finish?

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