World Cup 2010

Keitsu is no soccer fan… so she hardly watch the world cup every 4 years.. especially when world cups are often screened at an unearthly hour in SG…. but this year its different…

it all started when Keitsu's PM "commanded" everyone to place a $10 bet on the countries whom they think will win the cup… its his way of "team-building"… 
being a non-fan, Keitsu has no idea who to pick, while most of her team mates have choose the hot favourites… there were 3 bets for Holland, 3 Bets for Spain, 2 Bets for Argentine, 2 Bets for Brazil, 1 Bet for England, 1 Bet for South Africa and 1 Bet for Italy…
She called her hubby to ask him for opinion.. he says he has no idea… gut feel told him maybe Brazil… but Keitsu doesn't want to buy Brazil cause there were already 2 bets on Brazil.. if she include her, the return for the bet will be very little… and the newspaper says it will be Spain… but again there were already 3 bets on Spain, the return will be even lesser… one of her colleague advice her to place the bets on the upper grouping.. cause competition is lesser there as compared to the bottom… so she decides to "anyhow" bet on Germany…. at that moment, she didn't really think Germany will win.. its just for "team building"…
So when Germany lost to Serbia in their 2nd match… Keitsu was a little sad, but thought nothing much of it… and she just hope that they will make it to the best 16(s)… at least its not so "malu"… and good enough Germany make it… and they are to meet England in that stage… she thought it would be a close fight… and just hope that Germany will win.. and when Germany really did, she was surprise that Germany is in the quarter finals… but when she knows that Germany is going to meet Argentine, she thought that will be the end for her $10 bet… but the Germs shock everyone by thrashing Argentine 4-0… and this brought her hopes up….
Poor Germany had a long way to go.. they met Spain in the semi-finals…. Keitsu know its gonna be a difficult game.. but her hopes went up after the Germs make it all the way here… she even contemplated to wake up and watch the match… (but lucky she didn't… anyway her son did wake her up to see Spain shot in the winning goal *sighz*) so now that the Germs have lost she also lost the motivation to continue watching the cup… who is the winner is no longer of importance…
TSS says she should place some bets in the game.. and that will continue to motivate her… and at the same time recuperate her lost…. but she doesn't think so.. she just don't want to waste money yet again… so bye bye Germany… Bye bye World Cup 2010….

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