A little Update of Zaizai

I know this post should wait till his monthly update… but I can't wait… 😛

Zaizai manage to flip to his stomach yesterday!!! He has been trying it for the whole of last week.. but he just can't seem to get his butt over, so he will be stuck in a side position…. then he will lose his temper and get frustrated for not being able to get over…. 😛
I tried to teach him a few times by helping him push his butt over… but his hand will somehow get stuck… and I think yesterday morning, hubb taught my MIL how to teach Zaizai to flip over.. and when I reach home, my MIL happily told me that Zaizai can flip and she even took a video… I think my MIL is proud of herself… I'm happy for Zai, but felt kinda of sad that I wasn't there to see him make his first flip… but no choice, I'm not a SAHM….
And yesterday night after his feed, Zai attempt to make a flip again… and when his on his stomach, he somehow wants to crawl.. he kept moving his legs but he doesn't know how to bend them and be on his fours… I helped him by placing my hands behind his leg to act as some form of support so he can push against it… and he inched forward.. actually we have been playing that with him since his first month, dunno if that is the reason why when he is on his tummy he tends to want to crawl.. think its time to take out the play mat for him… 🙂 now the living room is full of his stuff… 
but now that he knows how to flip, we are kinda of worried… whether at night he will flip and land on his face… and be too lazy or not enough strength to lift his head up and turn to the side…. we took the "hugging" bolster out again and hope that it will stop him from flipping…. but so far yesterday night he just sleeps, and didn't attempt to flip.. 
but not sure if he flipped and play too much in the day, such that he actually woke up crying twice last night… and I have to pacify for him back to sleep… so tired now.. and there is support work to do this two days…. hope weekend can come soon… 🙂

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