Reminiscing the Past

These two days don't know what got into us, that the whole bunch of colleagues were reminiscing our school days.. and the "fashion" during that period… here is what we have recalled..

  • The rectangular school bags that we carried when we were in lower primary… some with turn nob, some with button…
  • The big and bulky square pencil case that have lots of button to press.. for the sharpener to raise up, or the pen to shoot up like some rocket launcher….
  • The paper dolls which look like "xiao tian tian" and the exaggerating gowns that we can change for them…
  • The umbro school bags when we get into the upper primary
  • The uniform that is tuck in but a big portion pulled out, and the skirts folded at the top to make it shorter when we were in lower secondary.
  • When we reach upper sec, the trend is to tuck the blouse all the way in to look "neat and proper", the socks pull up high and the school shoes that looks like ballerina pump with a rubber elastic in the middle…
  • US Master school shoes
  • The JPG wallet and orange pointed comb sticking out from the Ah Beng pockets…
  • Sonia Reykel or Chantel Thomas bag that the Ah Lians carried…
  • And the transparent bag make of plastic was also "in" for a while..
  • The high sierra school bag with leather finish at the bottom… some other brands include East Pac and BodyPac
  • The all time favourite OP Velcro wallets
  • Casio watch which later on upgraded to Baby G and G Shock
  • Swatch watches was "in" for a while too…
  • And the snap on watch which you hit your hand with it and it will snap on…
Ah… those were the days… one of my colleague say we are in 黃金年華…. where got so old? 😛

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