Zaizai @ 3 Months

This post is long overdue.. have been too busy with stuff and didn't do an update of Zaizai progress….

In the month, I actually "left" Zaizai and is back to work.. in preparation of all these, i started training him on bottles about a month before I'm back to work… also fed him some formula in case there is not enough breast milk when I start working.. but my worries are unfounded… 
Zaizai accustom well to the bottle, although he still prefers to drink fresh from the "tap"… and for some reason or maybe he knows that mummy is not around, he change his diet from every 2 hourly to every 3 hourly in the day automatically… we didn't really train him on that.. he somehow knew I was at work and ask lesser for milk.. or probably because he just doesn't prefer the bottle… so because of this, he is still on total breast feeding… which I'm happy…
And as if he knows I'm going to work, he is very well behave in the night.. only waking up once to request to be fed.. instead of the usual 3 or more times… (but yesterday he went back to a 2 hourly feeding at night, not sure if it is the growth spurt or a phase.. hope it doesn't happen again tonight) this means I get more rest… but still I'm tired from not having a straight 6 to 7 hours sleep… i was hoping Zaizai can sleep through the night soon.. but we shall take things one at a time….
And I remembered on the first day of work, I saw him sleeping blissfully in the morning.. so i tot I shan't wake him up to be fed… and went to express before i go to work.. who knows half way thru my expressing, he woke up and cried for milk… I woke my hubb up and ask him to feed Zaizai with the just express milk while i pack up… and guess what? he refuses the bottle… it seems that when he is sleepy, he just want the "tap" for comfort.. cos the "tap" also acts like his pacifier… oh bad habit we have cultivated him…
Zaizai also grew to suck on his fingers to sleep… i tried but to no avail to stop him… tried giving him pacifier, but he will spit it out and cry… and if we take away his hands from his mouth, he will cry… and refuse to fall asleep.. especially at night.. it seems better in the day… i hope he will drop this habit soon… otherwise when he starts crawling and all, its really dirty and unhygienic… A photo of him licking his fingers… dunno why when he licks, his hand will form a natural "peace" sign… maybe I bought him to too much rock concerts when I was pregnant 😛
Also started playing some flash cards with him… but because of work I have little time to do it…maybe only once or twice a week… Hubb say I should just take it easy and let him learn naturally… or through exposure to nature… I hope I can do that… actually I'm not hoping that he will pick up lots from the flashcards.. its just a way for me to "play" with him and also hope along the way help the development of his brain…
we brought him swimming too in this month… since we notice he likes to kick alot when we put him in his bath tub.. but dunno izzit because of the buoyancy of his warmer he is not able to float "standing"… as such he didn't kick much… or maybe its the sun thats making him sleepy… he just kick on and off and not regularly… i guess we should just bring him more to the pool and work out his muscle….
and he is more "smiley" now… especially when my MIL "talks" to him.. he will most of the time smile or even laugh back… I guess its the bond they build when me and hubb is out working… envy, but there is nothing we can do… just play with him more when we are at home and over the weekend…
physically, he also got stronger.. such that he will "looot" himself alot.. sometimes out of the little mattress he sleeps on during the day… my MIL is worried that he will bang his head on the floor or against some furniture if he does that…  we just have to be very careful on this… and now when you hold his hands and pull him up from a lying position, he is able to assert strength and get his head up and move into a "sitting" position.. he can also hold his head up for a while when you carry him… but still he needs more control over it…. but on another note when we put him on his stomach, he wriggle with his face on the mattress.. and doesn't prop his head up using his hands… i remember he will do that during his 1st month… and nowadays he will crawl for a very very short while and stop.. just lay there "comfortably"… hmmm.. i wonder is it because he is getting lazy…
i'm hoping in the coming months we can make him go to sleep on his own… nowadays he is either being nurse to sleep or we have to carry him until he sleeps… and his sleeping time is always 10pm+… i hope we can make him sleep latest by 10pm.. don't want him to have dark circles at such a young age… and of course if we can let him sleep through the night it will be a blessing for me… let see when we can achieve all these…

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