One week of work

I'm back to work for a week already… and I'm starting to fall sick.. not sure its due to the virus passing around the office or because the lack of rest…

My typical working day starts from 5:30am in the morning… I will shower and nurse Zaizai before I go to work… by the time I reach home its already 7:30pm plus… after eating dinner.. doing a little housework or shopping for groceries, i ended up with little time to spend with Zaizai… let alone time for myself…

I dunno how long i can last working like that…. I still have to wake up in the middle of my sleep to nurse Zaizai… but he has been a good boy already… he only wakes up once every night now… i think he knows I'm tired and gave me more rest… just waiting for the day where he is able to sleep thru 8 hours….

Everyday I will feel sleepy at work… and it doesn't help that I have little to do at this point of time… which makes my 8 hours in office difficult… but I also don't wish to be too busy that I have to do OT or there is no time for me to express… hahahaa I think I'm demanding too much…

I hope I can get use to all these soon… like I got use to waking up at night to feed Zaizai… otherwise its gonna take a toll on my health and my mood… and I have to work out time for Zaizai and myself and of course with hubb…. time seems to be so little… i think its because my office is too far, I spend too much time traveling…

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