My Sister and I

I was watching cable yesterday, and there is this talk show where they invited 2 celeb and their sis to the show.. discussing about how is the relationship between them… this sets me thinking about my sis and I…

We didn't have a very huge gap in age… we were only 2 years difference in age… when we were young, we were very different… I was the "cuter" one.. so most pple will come and "sayang" me in some sense… my sis was the "left out"… and she was the neat freak, while I'm the untidy one… there will be piles and piles of my things on the piano and everywhere… sometimes she will "scream" at me (and my bro) to keep things neat… i think she still does that now… 😛 she is the "ah lian" who go chiong, while I'm the "zai nv" who stays at home and watch TV… she is the daring one who always goes against dad, while I sit and enjoy the fruits of her rebellious (cos dad will become more lenient)….

but we have a common enemy… thats my bro… he always bully us since we were young… and now he still irriates both of us…

when we got older, we were closer… especially after we move to our new place where we share the same room, just the two of us… and our bed is side by side.. we will talk to each other at night and fall asleep talking… but we haven't do that for about 5 years already… i really miss those time…

and its good that we share the same size.. so till date, we still share our clothes…

she also have some influence on me… I became a more organise and neater freak because of her… and I got some of my dress sense from her too…

although she might not be the smartest in our family and may not have the nicest temper, neither do i (and thats when we quarrel)… but I always look up to her as an elder sister…

So Sis, I Love You!

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One thought on “My Sister and I

  1. My sister and I are not close at all and have never been. I really love her to death but her acts really made me stay away from as a kid and even as an adult. When we were younger she seemed to always find trouble. These wild side acts followed her into adulthood. Although I still call and check on her. I just can't give her alot of my energy. So I think it's great what you guys have.

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