Woman is a contridiciting being…

I think alot of pple envies that I have a 3 month break from work thanks to our pro-baby government… imagine not having to work for 3 months and still get paid.. seriously it feels good by thinking… however, i'm not so sure…

3 months of staying at home is really quite boring… okie i need to take care of Zaizai.. and I need to sleep in because of the feeds at night… so I think its really good for the 3 months… but I having "nothing" to do in the day is quite boring… there is only that much web I can surf.. that much TV I can watch.. and I can't really play with Zaizai much since he is so young… its contridicting… i want to go back to work.. but I will miss Zaizai and the little extra sleep I get in the morning…

And also… now that Zaizai spends more time awake I want to play with him.. but I kinda of run out of idea to play with him very fast… so i will try to get him to go back to sleep.. but at the same time I'm worried that if I don't engage enough with him, his brain will not be developing at its full potential… oh my… i'm so contridicting…

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